List of Zinzino “millionaires” in Finland

Here is a list of the team leaders in Finland and the fat stacks of cash that awaits you in the Zinzino business! Money spent on initial “investment” not included of course or friends who turned away from you when you try to sell them coffee machines.

Zinzino Finland team leaders, the taxable income for the year 2013. Taxable income, capital income and taxes to pay

Name, Zinzino rank, year of birth, place of residence, salary income €, capital income €, taxes €

Margus Andimäe, royal crown, 1978, Vantaa, 8.079, 0, 367
Henkka Helskyaho, director, 1982, Turku, 987, 0, 63
Mikko Jarrah, black crown, ????, Vantaa, 70.197, 0, 17.267
Heli Nyman, director, 1980, Tampere, 22.303, 1.050, 3.610
Miikka Peuravirta, royal crown, 1980, HKI, 0,0,0
Henri Rantanen, crown, 198?, HKI, 14.570, 0, 1.214
Marko Rasinmäki, director, 1989, Tampere, 1.489, 0, 0
Manu Rekola, black crown, 1978, Vantaa, 6.423, 0, 167
Teemu Roine, director, 1989, Espoo, 4.449, 0, 133
Toni Salmi, director, 1984, HKI, 0, 0, 104
Olli Salminen, royal crown, 1980, HKI, 19.065, 0, 0
Toni Tillonen, royal crown, 1977, Turku, 31.797, 0, 5383
Sami Toivanen, director, 1975, Lahti, 7.217, 0, 111
Saku Valtoaho, diamond, 1975, LPR, 13.995, 0, 1.970
Kari Virtanen, crown, 1963, Tampere, 14.657, 80, 3.190
Satu Vuorela, director, 1980, Lahti, 9.616, 0, 146

Zinzino coffee sales are in decline

Despite entering new markets, Zinzino themselves admit coffee sales are in decline. If it wasn’t for the Balance Oil product, Zinzino would shrink. How long before the Zinzino raketers comes up with a new price inflated product? They will have to in order to make the saga continue.

Buy “Balance Oil” for 150 NOK a bottle

You want healthy Omega3/Olive Oil? SanHelse sells equivalent products for a fraction of the Zinzino price. About 15 EUR a bottle.

MLM blogger David Brear writes a critical article about Zinzino


Parallel imports –

kohvitellumusFor some time ago the obvious fact that the coffee Zinzino distributes, Rombouts & Malongo, can be imported from Continental Europe to North Europe perfectly legal has been highlighted here on zinzinotruth. And for a while an operation like this has been run in Estonia. What is being offered is to get pass the hassle of ordering coffee yourself since Rombouts tries to cut all parallel streams of goods. You will need a few tricks in your sleeve to order the coffee yourself.

You can also order coffee to other Baltic and Nordic countries from We have been sent word from a customer in Finland that it works fine. You can order both coffee and espresso machines cheaper than ordering from Zinzino.

Zinzino launching in the US

They actually admit there are bad and good opinons on network marketing. BUT! Zinzino is a member of the Direct Selling Association, a lobbyist organisation from America! Oh then we’re all good!

Read more about the Direct Selling Association

America already has a good information video on MLM on their own though:

Bioactive Foods jacks up the prices in Netherlands

Interesting that a blog site makes the prices rice 100 % in Netherlands by highlighting the ridiculous price differences between Bioactive Foods Netherlands and Bioactive Foods Norway/Zinzino Nordic.

Now it seems like SanHelse and and Articmed provides the best value again.

Nordic coffee club?

Check this page:


Bioactive Foods dumps prices for Balance Oil in the Netherlands

The Zinzino marketing inconsistency shows once again with huge price differences inside EU. By marketing the Balance Oil at 50 % rebate in the Netherlands and also delivering to several EU countries Bioactive Foods Netherlands must deliver to other EU countries.

One bottle of Balance Oil is sold as low as 19 EUR when Zinzino sells the same product for 30-40 EUR. This just shows you the huge costs and inefficiency of multi level marketing.

Zinzino video is back!

The now classic video was removed but now it is back!