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Zinzino got company…

oil (2)…or competition more accurately. Recently it has been pointed out that Zinzino will get competition. And here they are. Two companies, in Norway and Sweden, sells the equivalent to Balance oil, but cheaper. Especially for partners.

The difference is biggest in Norway. If you order 12 bottles, prices at San Helse go as low as 166,33 NOK a bottle! Zinzino charges 307 NOK if you subscribe for 12 months. Zinzino is 85 % more expensive in Norway. And this is for customers, remember: partners pay even more inflated prices. And remember that the freight is FREE in Norway at SanHelse so in total, Zinzino will be 100% more expensive for the Norwegian customer.


Artic Med prices is 257 SEK if you order 3 bottles. Zinzino charges 339 SEK. Plus freight, whereas Artic Med has free freight. Zinzino freight seems to be 39 SEK every two months, that is  19,5 SEK every month. So total cost Zinzino is 339+19,5 = 359 SEK. Zinzino is 40 % more expensive than ArticMed.


And what if you are partner of Zinzino? These companies seem to be looking for retailers as well so why not sell their oil instead? Because Zinzino is an awful deal considering the 500 EUR start kit where you buy oil at inflated prices plus the 50 EUR autoship requirement. It doesn’t make any sense if you are not high up in the compensation system and fool others in order to make money yourself.

More info will come with comparison of these products. This blog is mostly concentrated on economic issues, it does not take a stance if you need omega3 supplements. But if you make the calculation, ordinary omega 3 pills are a bad deal. The doses of omega 3 are really high in these bottles.

Comparing 12 month subscription with 3 or 6 bottle purchases is fair, because 12 bottles engagement is bigger that a 3 or 6 bottle purchase.

New Zinzino event, but how many of the participants are actually making money?

A simple calculation I did yesterday in an answer to a comment showed that if there was 1000 people that would split the profits in Zinzino, they would only make 625 EUR a month before taxes.

Haha, given thousands of people their freedom? That is impossible. In order to give 1000 people financial freedom, I would say 20 000 EUR a month BEFORE taxes is needed (10 000-15 000 EUR after tax). That is 20 000 000 EUR a month and 240 000 000 EUR for one year. Zinzino sales was 18 500 000 EUR 2012. Those numbers doesn’t add up, right? Orjan and the closest buddies would need 2 000 000 EUR for themselves, and profits to dole out is maybe 50 % of sales. 18,5 million – 2 millions for Orjan and friends – 9 million expenses, that leaves 7,5 million EUR. But we needed 240 millions! How do you explain that? ;)

7,5 million EUR to 1000 persons, that is 7500 EUR per person, 625 EUR per person and month. Say taxes are 30%, that leaves 438 EUR a month. That is not much to show for, is it? And you said “giving freedom to thousands of people”, how is that possible?

So how many successful people are there that go to these Zinzino events? It is obvious that the only purpose of these events is to put faith into people that they will be successful too, if they only listen to a bunch of rich charlatans. I guess that just shaking their hands will give you more than a Masters Degree in Business Economics. The purpose is also to make people continue making purchases even though they are supposed to be partners and making money. These charlatans are selling hopes and dreams about being rich and laying on the beach as a religion and these scammers are the prophets..

In a real business you will not need tens of thousands of people just to make a tiny 600 000 EUR profit. Look at this Swedish family company that is in the hamburger restaurant business: http://www.121.nu/onetoone/foretag/max-hamburgerrestauranger-aktiebolag-66FC/ekonomi. It has 1548 employees and a turnover of 165 million EUR, almost ten times that of Zinzino. The profit was 8,3 million EUR for 2012, MORE than ten times that of Zinzino. And the average employee got 27 000 EUR for 2012. In Zinzino the average partner pays in order to work. So, frying hamburgers is obviously more profitable for the employees AND the shareholders. That is what a good business is all about. Not fooling people and extract money from them, that is a fraud. In order for Zinzino to have a turnover of 165 million EUR, they would need hundreds of thousands of partners, a middle sized town or the whole country of Island. So how much value would those hundreds of thousands of people create with their time? What if all businesses operated like Zinzino? Nothing would ever be produced and hence all people would be poor. No, business is about innovation and combining resources in an efficient way. That makes a bigger a output for less effort and that is what makes a country richer.

But where there is money and hopes about money, there will always be illegitimate so called companies that will try to fool people. And unfortunately, it is often easy to fool people when you play on the right strings.

Partner questions, mlmnemesis answers

Well, well Zinzino finally bought a new home page. The old one had one of the worst designs ever. But since they now have a answer section to what I presume are frequently asked questions, I will give you answers from another perspective. Continue reading

Oh Matic machine on sale for 59 euro

ohmaticThe evil price cutters have put another machine on sale! Not as great as the Oh Espresso for 45 euro however. But hey, price cutters are evil! Go to good ole Zinzino  and buy this machine for 249 euro as a customer! Or why not as a sales partner for 499 euro!  Don’t  make stupid comments about subscription rebate. 1: cost is  added to your monthly fee. 2: Subscription is a contract and always bring down the price, same with telephones. And as shown in the sidebar, the customer offer is twice as expensive as Malongo’s own web shop. WITH subscription, so that comparison is not even fair for the part of Malongo web shop.

Today’s lesson for MLM scammers: have control of your brand. Selling a brand distributed normally in other EU countries makes it to easy to reveal your scam. How exclusive does this machine seem to you? Maybe Zinzino thinks that a exclusivity agreement automatically will make the Oh Mathic machine exclusive.

Just go down to the continent, take a truck load of machines with you and start flooding the market with these machines. With blessings from Brussels, of course. But anyway, Ubaldi has no legal right to refuse you because of nationality from ordering this machine directly either.


Zinzino patent issues

We have all read about how Nespresso patents are starting to expire. Now the same seems to happen to Rombouts/Malongo pods. Some patents seems already to have expired. European patents cannot last longer than 20 years.  The question should be if you can make compatible pods with only the oldest patents expired. All patents regarding pods in the link should apply for the 1,2,3 Spresso system. Several patents regarding the 1,2,3 Spresso system will expire the next few years. If they design a new system, they would still need to make the old pods. And other manufacturers could make compatible pods. That would put pressure on prices.

But still, Rombouts global has not that big turnover, and 1,2,3 pods may not attract competitive interest. And we must study the patents further to figure out how many that must expire to make compatible pods legal.

Owner of the patents is Mediterraneenne Cafes. Oldest patents on page 5:


Zinzino Balance oil update

Cheaper oil at these competitors:



It has earlier been discussed how Balance oil is just fish oil blended with olive oil, altough I did make the reservation that a deeper analysis should be made on this product. My statement may have been true, but it can be claimed that excellent quality on both the fish oil and olive oil is very important factors how good effect the product has. So also the way the two oils are actually blended. The two oils together can be claimed to give improve your fatty acid profile in a way other products can’t.

My biggest criticism against Zinzino is the coffee part, because it is obviously seriously overpriced and sold using very deceptive tactics. That should make the credibility of Zinzino Zero!

Making my usual price comparison will not be that easy since this is a very niched and also new type of product. Which is of course a very common way for MLM companies to avoid  price comparison. They will NEVER want price comparison, which shows you that their distribution model is expensive and of no use for end customers. Only the people behind the scheme.

However, the price of the oil did go up after Zinzino acquirement of shares and options in Bioactive Foods and the starting of distribution in Zinzino’s sales network. And there are other companies that produce and sell “balance oil” with at least the same quality and they will be cheaper than Zinzino. AND they will NOT talk about buying overpriced coffee machines and they will not try to make you give them 100 of your friends and family’s contact information.

How anyone can give Zinzino the credibility needed for distributing essential health products after their fraudulent scheme in the coffee business is beyond me.

Will be back for more info on “balance oil” and the prices of the competitors that sells this in ordinary distribution chains. Add to this the juridical problems with EU and that will show you that Zinzino will be in trouble economically, regardless of the moral aspect of luring your friends into this scheme.

The basic flaw of MLM and Zinzino

MLM is legal just because there is some consumer-only selling going on. MLM organisations say they cut down marketing expenses and prices. But how is that possible?

Lets say we have a product that do not differ in properties between different manufacturers. If somone get targeted for a sales pitch and subscribe for 12 months, what after 12 months? There are other sources of products and there are always price-cutters. Price-cutters compete on price. That is the marketing cost. So after 12 months, instead of renewing subscription, the customer could search pricerunner or stores. It is not possible for MLM to compete with price-cutters or price because of the residual income in MLM. That’s it, it is theoratically impossible for MLM companies to bring the cheapest, highest quality products to market. And you can see why they always sell brands not found in stores or use exlusivity agreements to inhibit customers to compare prices.

And I would salute MLM organisations if they could do what they claim.

So they can’t bring high quality products to market for a decent price. That is why they wan’t you to join, making you think you could sell the products to others and consume for free and even earn money. But that sounds like a scheme that will run out of suckers in the end, doesn’t it?

Zinzino- zinzinotruth.com is not a trustable source of information according to Zinzino

I got reports that Zinzino claims zinzinotruth.com is not a trustable source of information. I guess Rombouts own webshops are a bad source for price information, that pricerunner.fr is a bad source of price information and that EU commission/EU pages are bad information sources regarding EU laws and that Konsumentverket or Kommerskollegiet in Sweden also are unrelible sources of info.

I am anonymous so all info from objective sources are unrelible. The reason must be that I am a spy/agent from a competitor that wants to crush Zinzino. Yepp, thats gotta be the truth….


Zinzino- File complaint to European Commission – Important!!

eu-flagThere are some legal uncertainty regarding the rights of Rombouts/Malongo web shops to discriminate EU-citizens against nationality. When asking for advice from European Commission they will suggest ALL customers who are rejected ordering from ANY web store, Rombouts own or any one selling their products, to file a complaint  to the Commission.

The complaints may cause the Commission to commence investigation.

If you are not rejected, you will finally enjoy high quality Rombouts/Malongo coffee for a decent price. Also, you may order the WHOLE product line, including ground coffee and whole beans.

Suggestion of issues to mention in complaints:

  • Discriminated because of nationality
  • Not possible to order Rombouts/Malongo products from web shops in the Nordic and Baltic countries, without registered as a customer of Zinzino
  • Several products of Rombouts/Malongo product line unavailable in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Good luck! We are all EU-citizens and must demand our rights accordingly.

Norway and Iceland are not EU states, but have signed the EES-agreement and comply with similar trade agreements to EU states.

Here is a link that will help you file the complaint:


And if EU-court would rule web shops to not discriminate, parcel forwarding would of course not be needed ever again to get Rombouts/Malongo products!

This post shows what I think is wrong and what is the flaw with the whole basis and operation of Zinzino in a very good way. And there is a slight chance EU agrees with me.

Web shops:


Zinzino- Penn & Teller MLM Full Episode

Explains perfectly well in a humorous way the flaws of Multi Level Marketing. MLM critical Robert Fitzpatric, whose Pyramid Scheme Alert PDF-file is linked here on zinzinotruth.com, is also starring.



This video is not on my Youtube-channel. I will not cut away nudity and post it in my channel. I want you to do as you please. Have never seen any other episodes of Penn & Teller but this one is really good. And the nudity is probably a standing humor theme in Penn & Teller! 😉

Wiki says: Penn and Teller often have skits and stunts performed with them on set or use stock footage to combine reasonable arguments with straightforward, entertaining ridicule. For example, the “Sex, Sex, Sex” episode may be satirizing the media’s obsession with sex appeal by having the hosts constantly surrounded by naked actors and actresses.


That products are secondary in Zinzino is perfectly clear if you study the 16 pages, or whatever, compensation plan. Video also makeS a good point how the overpriced exclusivity rights coffee is really distributed. One could really wonder regarding the REAL customer demand for Rombouts in the Nordic and Baltic states…

If someone has hard numbers on customer turnover VS partner turnover, please send an email…